Aspen Leaf Sybolism


Aspen leaf symbolism includes determination and overcoming fears and doubts. Trees & leaves in general are almost universally a positive symbol: Nordic, Celtic, Indian, American Indian, Jewish, European and many other cultures all attach positive symbolic significance to trees. The tree is seen as a source of strength, shelter, protection and life.  


The aspen tree is significant in that it is also a symbol for the strength of community. Individual aspens live about 100 years. However, aspens reproduce by sprouting shoots from their roots. This allows them to grow in a cohesive grove. Even
fire damage will not kill a grove of aspens if the roots remain alive. A grove is actually a single living organism that can reach several thousand years in age. By human standards, aspen groves are virtually immortal! In addition, the bark of aspen trees contains chlorophyll so that aspens can continue growing in the winter months.

Strength Through Diversity

Aspen groves are healthiest when they include trees at all different levels of maturity. An aspen grove with only trees of a certain age is far more vulnerable to disease and natural disasters. In this way, aspen trees represent strength through diversity. If an organization or community of some type involves people who differ in some way (different occupations,different ages, different religious affiliations, different nationalities), the aspen would symbolize the strength of those people uniting for a particular cause or purpose 

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